Pop's flavors were voted "Best Innovation" at DC Startup Week 2023!

Founder and CEO

I’ve always LOVED popcorn. I could (and sometimes do) eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any time in between. While all popcorn has its place, I’m always looking for the right balance of salty and sweet. And boy do I get frustrated when I find that my bag is full of those little, broken scraps of popcorn.

6 Years ago, when my daughter went off to college, I began thinking about what could fill the void of her being gone. I decided that it was time for me to share the joy of popcorn with the world. 

I started playing with recipes at home. My popcorn was to be an artisanal delight. I challenged myself to infuse unique flavors into my popcorn. I also sourced non-gmo kernels, grown specifically for their size and shape.

As fate would have it, I met an airplane engineer who changed everything. He had a successful popcorn business and was willing to teach me the ropes. He built me a trailer from scratch, where everything needed to make and sell popcorn could be self-contained, making travel and setup a breeze.

I began popping at farmers markets and street festivals. I quickly realized that my passions had all come together. I was putting smiles on faces and giving the world joy, one bag at a time. 

In 2021, I applied, and was accepted into Union Kitchen’s Accelerator program. I went through an extensive course designed to help me launch a product. Now, Pop’s is manufacturing our heavenly treat for store shelves around the DMV and also online.  

Besides Pop’s staple kettle corn flavor, the fun flavors that I’ve chosen to launch with are Luscious Lavender, and also Red Hot Rosemary. Whether you’re craving the slightly sweeter side, or a bit more savory rest assured it will have the perfect balance. 

A popcorn for every occasion and any mood. 

It’s praiseworthy!

I hope you enjoy following me along this crazy journey… at least I’ll know you’ll enjoy the popcorn!

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