Pop's flavors were voted "Best Innovation" at DC Startup Week 2023!

Gourmet Popcorn Excellence in Sterling

Gourmet Popcorn Excellence in Sterling

Discover a burst of flavor and a world of goodness with Pop's Praiseworthy Popcorn. We take pride in crafting the most heavenly kettle-cooked popcorn on earth, and our commitment to quality is evident in every delightful kernel. As popcorn connoisseurs, we've mastered the art of creating a snack that's not only delicious but also wholesome.

Our popcorn is whole grain, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free, ensuring that everyone can savor the goodness guilt-free. We've carefully perfected the balance of sweetness and salt in every batch, creating a scrumptious treat that's both satisfying and addictive.

At Pop's, we believe in pushing boundaries, and that's why we've introduced flavors like Luscious Lavender and Red-Hot Rosemary to tantalize your taste buds. Luscious Lavender showcases our innovative approach as we grind culinary lavender and cook it with the popcorn, delivering a slightly sweeter, artisanal experience. Meanwhile, red-hot rosemary adds a fiery twist to the traditional, igniting your palate with a unique combination of heat and herbal delight.

We proudly donate our popcorn scraps to the local zoo, providing a delightful treat for the animals to enjoy. Pop's is popcorn for every occasion and any mood, and once you taste our creations, you'll understand why we call it praiseworthy! 

Join Pop's on this flavorful journey to experience popcorn like never before!